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GPT Academy SIA Door Supervisor Mock Exam

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Q:16 - Eric, a 32 years old man was resting in his house during a weekend. There was an attempt to rob his house as a robber broke in and held him at a gunpoint. However, Eric managed to get out of the grasp of the robber and punched him, causing the robber to black out. Which of the following describes Eric`s reaction to the robber?

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Q:8- A person can not be ejected from a licensed premises because they are:

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Q:3-Which of these is an important quality for a door supervisor?

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Q:6-Which of these Is not a type of assault?

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Q:19 - Which of the following is an exception under the Human Right Act 1988 Article 2: Right to life?

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Q:10-Which of these are unlikely to indicate a possible terrorist activity?

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Q:12 - Defensive tactics come into play best when subjects resort to threating and swearing at door supervisor.

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Q:4-The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure that:

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Q:1-Why has a Code of Behaviour for door supervisors been produced

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Q:17 - Which of the following statements does NOT refer to a defensive intervention skill?

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Q:18 - An incident that has the potential to cause death or serious injury to security operatives or supervisors is termed as:

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Q:9-When is it illegal for a child aged under 16 who is not accompanied by an adult to be on premises licensed for consumption of alcohol on the premises?

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Q:14 - Which of the following is a characteristic of restrictive physical intervention to be used by door supervisor?

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Q:11 - Identifying the impact of a problem is the first step in the conflict resolution model.

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Q:15 - Which of the following is a mechanism that is best described as mediation that expose neither party in the dispute to risk?

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Q:20 - Pressure systems, radiation generators, radiography, diving operations, collapsible scaffolding and little equipment lifting are examples of:

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Q:5-When evicting a customer , door supervisors must ensure that they:

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Q:2-Under the private Security Industry Act 2001, what must a person have to be able to work as a door supervisor?

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Q:7-Which of these is an offense against property?

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Q:13 - Which of the following is an example of defensive physical skills?

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